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BitCoin – What’s going on last August 1st?

Maybe it was the most critical moment in virtual currencies history in general and BitCoin history in particular. But, finally, this critical moment in August 1st has been passed successfully. BitCoin hasn’t stop raising from this time. In order to … Continue reading

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And, when is 5G expected?

Some time left but lot of┬ápeople are talking about 5G. Theoretically it will be available in the year 2020 but, will it really be available? 3GPP organisation, the one in charge of mobile network standardisation, has publish its plan for … Continue reading

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Autonomous Car – Is it possible?

Some days ago the first fatal crash of an autonomous car received the attention of all newspapers and TV news programs. Not only it was the first fatal accident but all preliminary investigations show it was due to autopilot failure. … Continue reading

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BitCoin – The Brexitproof Coin

First of all we should express that, in our opinion, Brexit is an unfortunate event. Anyway this event has allowed us to check the robustness of the different currencies and investments considering the effect in each one. In this case … Continue reading

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