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IFTTT – DO, the necessary feature

DO is the necessary tool in IFTTT environment. IFTTT (If This Then That) execute the action (That) when a specific condition (This) is done. But, sometime, we want to execute an action immediately not depending on any condition. DO tool … Continue reading

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Autonomous Car – Is it possible?

Some days ago the first fatal crash of an autonomous car received the attention of all newspapers and TV news programs. Not only it was the first fatal accident but all preliminary investigations show it was due to autopilot failure. … Continue reading

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IFTTT – Easy Internet of the Things

IFTTT is not a well-known term but, step by step, it is becoming a standard in IoT or “Internet of the Things” world. IFTTT stands for “If This Then That” or “If This occurs Then do That”. IFTTT is a … Continue reading

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American Wifi Thermostat Installation – Air conditioning

In this post we would like to show how to use an american thermostat to control air conditioning in our home. Why an american thermostat? The main advantage is we could control both heating and cooling from any place through … Continue reading

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American Wifi Thermostat installation

Normally a thermostat use to be a very simple element just opening and closing a circuit in order to switch on or off a heating or air conditioner. But nowadays we look for a more “intelligent” control in order to … Continue reading

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