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How I charge my electric car?

One of the most important element of electric cars is not in the own one. As normal cars need petrol stations, electric cars need charging points. Because of electric cars characteristics petrol stations are not the suitable place for charging … Continue reading

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IFTTT – DO, the necessary feature

DO is the necessary tool in IFTTT environment. IFTTT (If This Then That) execute the action (That) when a specific condition (This) is done. But, sometime, we want to execute an action immediately not depending on any condition. DO tool … Continue reading

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Solar Energy for Beginners

Solar Energy is the nearest one, in our own home, but we rarely consider it. It’s true that, in the past, solar energy use to be not really profitable, but this is something every time less true. In this post … Continue reading

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Autonomous Car – Is it possible?

Some days ago the first fatal crash of an autonomous car received the attention of all newspapers and TV news programs. Not only it was the first fatal accident but all preliminary investigations show it was due to autopilot failure. … Continue reading

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Electric Car and Petroleum Conspiracy

Usually it is normal to listen to comments or even news transmiting the idea electric cars evolution is slow due to lobbys or pressure groups (Petroleum companies, cars manufacturers, etc) interested in blocking electric car success. Other stakeholders transmit the … Continue reading

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Is a Hybrid Car interesting to me?

Eletric cars nowadays continue being something “exotic” but this is not the case of hybrid ones. In some cities a high percentage of taxi cabs are this kind of cars. We have to suppose there is pure financial and cost … Continue reading

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Tesla Powerwall – The beginning of home batteries

Commercializing¬†of lithium batteries some years ago revolutionized battery market. At the beginning restricted to small electronic devices like mobile phones but slowly moving into new areas as long as its price is reduced. Current cost is due to the complex … Continue reading

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