How I charge my electric car?

One of the most important element of electric cars is not in the own one. As normal cars need petrol stations, electric cars need charging points.

Because of electric cars characteristics petrol stations are not the suitable place for charging them. In a petrol station it is considered a car is connected to pump only during several minutes. Even in the best situation an electric car needs to be connected a minimum o half an hour in order to get an acceptable charge.

In this post we will evaluate all available options.

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BitCoin – What’s going on last August 1st?

Maybe it was the most critical moment in virtual currencies history in general and BitCoin history in particular. But, finally, this critical moment in August 1st has been passed successfully. BitCoin hasn’t stop raising from this time. In order to understand what’s going on we are going to review, high level, BitCoin operation.

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And, when is 5G expected?

Some time left but lot of people are talking about 5G. Theoretically it will be available in the year 2020 but, will it really be available? 3GPP organisation, the one in charge of mobile network standardisation, has publish its plan for the first 5G version.

Although numbers from 75 to 86 are corresponding to meetings and not quarters, we could realise release 15, the first version including 5G standard, will be available in 2018.

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2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G – Are all necessary?

In any other technology new versions use to retire older ones. It is true previous versions use to be supported for compatibility reasons with older equipments. But, in technology, older equipments use to be in a drawer or in the garbage. Additionally, in case of a radical change, compatibility with older version use to last short time.


In the opposite, in mobile network technology, all generations are more present than ever and nobody think about retiring anyone. The reason is every mobile generation is completely different to the rest and, in some cases, the newer generation is worst than the previous one.

In this post we will try to understand why, currently, all mobile generations are necessary. Continue reading

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IFTTT – DO, the necessary feature

DO is the necessary tool in IFTTT environment. IFTTT (If This Then That) execute the action (That) when a specific condition (This) is done. But, sometime, we want to execute an action immediately not depending on any condition.

do logo

DO tool provide us the capacity to execute an action, like selecting our home temperature or switching on/off a light, immediately from our Smartphone. In this post we will show an example about how to select our home temperature to several predefined temperatures. Continue reading

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Solar Energy for Beginners

Solar Energy is the nearest one, in our own home, but we rarely consider it. It’s true that, in the past, solar energy use to be not really profitable, but this is something every time less true. In this post we will demonstrate nowadays is really simple and profitable.

First step is to check what we could get in the place where we live.


SolarGIS offer more detailed maps, but let’s see an intermediate area where we could get 5 KWh daily and 1.800 KWh per year. Assuming a KWh cost of 0,11 € we could save 1.800 x 0,11 = 198 €. Almost 200 € per year and per square meter.  Promising. Continue reading

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Autonomous Car – Is it possible?

Some days ago the first fatal crash of an autonomous car received the attention of all newspapers and TV news programs. Not only it was the first fatal accident but all preliminary investigations show it was due to autopilot failure.

Tesla accident diagram

In this post we would try to clarify our opinion about the way autonomous car leaders are following: our opinion is autonomous driving only is possible in a controlled environment. Highways and roads should be modified to facilitate autonomous car and human drivers and computer drivers cannot drive in the same space.

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BitCoin – The Brexitproof Coin

First of all we should express that, in our opinion, Brexit is an unfortunate event. Anyway this event has allowed us to check the robustness of the different currencies and investments considering the effect in each one. In this case we will focus in two of them: Gold and Bitcoin.


Nowadays both currencies and investments have a value mostly pending on market confidence and, in this kind of events we could check if the confidence is high (value grows) or low (value decrease).

We could take advantage as well of a real investment we did several months ago in order to check if graphics correspond with real.

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IFTTT – Easy Internet of the Things

IFTTT is not a well-known term but, step by step, it is becoming a standard in IoT or “Internet of the Things” world. IFTTT stands for “If This Then That” or “If This occurs Then do That”. IFTTT is a really easy way to create IoT applications based on this simple schema. This post is an example of how to do it.

First step is connecting to IFTTT web page

IFTTT web page

This post shows how to create an application to activate air conditioning automatically when we arrive to our home.

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BitCoin – Getting started

After all published information about BitCoin and all articles explaining how it works the first questions coming to our mind are: Well and, how I get BitCoins? Where could I buy BitCoins? How could I manage them? In this post we would try to answer all these questions.

First question: Where could I buy BitCoins? There are thousand of sites where buying BitCoins but, Which one is a reliable one? We could check the most important ones

Agencias de cambio

Well, it looks like these ones could be the most reliable ones. Anyway let’s check more. Continue reading

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BitCoin, Bubble or Money of the Future

BitCoin creation in the year 2009 meant a “before” and “after” in the world of payment systems. We could define BitCoin as digital money or virtual money supported by a payment network at global level.


BitCoin is not the first digital money but main different is previous ones had an enterprise or organization behind strongly controlling their use. BitCoin is designed in the way nobody can control value, geographic area or usage. Even in the case BitCoin Foundation disappear and it is not existing any more BitCoin would continue working.

In this post we would try to understand the keys for understanding BitCoin network and its functionality.

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Google rescues RCS to compete WhatsApp

After Jibe Mobile company purchase (RCS leader) at the end of 2015 Google has taken advantage of last Mobile World Congress to announce they will include to Android operating system new WhatsApp like functionalities but based on RCS and IMS.

Google vs WhatsAppWe are talking about messaging, chat, group chat, file transfer, audio messaging, etc. RCS standar is not something new and operators tried in the past commercial deployments not really succesfully. WhatsApp success was the end of these projects.

Now Google will try to compete with WhatsApp using RCS and providing the support of operators which see the way to make profitable their investments and be part of a business they are currently out. In this post we will analyze how RCS works and the differencies with WhatsApp. Continue reading

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Electric Car and Petroleum Conspiracy

Usually it is normal to listen to comments or even news transmiting the idea electric cars evolution is slow due to lobbys or pressure groups (Petroleum companies, cars manufacturers, etc) interested in blocking electric car success. Other stakeholders transmit the opposite message about an inminent electric car success as soon as small problems are solved.

In this post we will try to clarify these ideas and demonstrate electric car way is (and will be) tough because of important problems needed to solved and assumed by final users.

We will consider electric car is widely used and there is no additional cost because it is a new technology. Assuming the price is the same as a diesel or gasoline car we will analyze other factors like consumption. Continue reading

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Is a Hybrid Car interesting to me?

Eletric cars nowadays continue being something “exotic” but this is not the case of hybrid ones. In some cities a high percentage of taxi cabs are this kind of cars. We have to suppose there is pure financial and cost reduction reason additional to other ecologic or enviromental reasons.

What is the main advantage of a hybrid car? It converts the energy of the car in electricity when braking and store this energy in a battery. This energy is used to start again and it only needs the classical engine to compensate energy loses in the system.

Hybrid Car Shema english

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And the new Nexus, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P arrived


It is well known by everybody that Google brand Nexus is synonym of support to new Android applications. Because of this the most addicted followers of the king operating system in SmartPhones wait every year to new Nexus presentation event. Continue reading

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Windows 10, the good evolution


After the failed try of Windows 8 to introduce metro interface to conventional equipments without touch screen, Microsoft have done their best to group in the same environment an interface applicable to mobile devices as well at pure Apple style. Of course Microsoft is the king in operating systems and program compatibility but Apple are outstanding centralizing different devices in the same environment. Continue reading

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OpenSignal – The best application to know wireless networks

OpenSignal is the kind of application which it doesn’t safe our life but it is really interesting to have in our SmartPhone. In one way this application is very useful to learn about wireless networks both mobile and Wifi. In other way this application helps us to choose the best operator in our home, office or any place we use to be.

OpenSignal provides information about the antennas around us and the coverage offer by them. This information could be the one of the area around us or any area in the world. OpenSignal is supported by a huge database with information about most mobile operators and millions of Wifi access points.

But, What is the source of this information? All information shown in our application is sent as well in order to update mentioned database continuously updated with millions of applications running around the world. We shouldn’t worry about our privacy because personal information is not sent. Anyway it would be useful to revise privacy page to have a clear idea about what is sent and what is not sent.

Coming back to this application main page is the following:

Screenshot_2015-04-19-13-06-12  Screenshot_2015-04-19-13-27-11  Screenshot_2015-04-19-13-27-31

Advanced mode is recommended to add accuracy and it is not complex. Previous screens show the following information: Continue reading

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Tesla Powerwall – The beginning of home batteries

Commercializing of lithium batteries some years ago revolutionized battery market. At the beginning restricted to small electronic devices like mobile phones but slowly moving into new areas as long as its price is reduced.

Current cost is due to the complex manufacturing but not due to the main material. Lithium is produced in some countries and it is not expensive. This is the reason because it is expected price reduction in this kind of batteries. Tesla motors is the most exclusive electric car manufacturer and sell the highest range cars. This range is reached thanks to up to 80 KWh batteries. Considering an electric car needs around 20 KWh every 100 Km it is possible more than 400 Km range with this cars.

Coming back to this post topic Tesla motors announced a new battery with a complete different purpose: Our home. Thanks to Lithium reduced weight it is possible to install this battery in a wall and it is manufactured with a different look than normal one.

bateria tesla 2 bateria tesla 3

But, Why a battery in our home? Purposes could be:

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American Wifi Thermostat Installation – Air conditioning

In this post we would like to show how to use an american thermostat to control air conditioning in our home. Why an american thermostat? The main advantage is we could control both heating and cooling from any place through internet from our computer or our mobile phone. In this case we will use the Honeywell RTH6580WF one which provide this functionality and it is not really expensive.

Resultado final

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American Wifi Thermostat installation

Normally a thermostat use to be a very simple element just opening and closing a circuit in order to switch on or off a heating or air conditioner. But nowadays we look for a more “intelligent” control in order to reduce consumption but without losing any bit of comfort. It is not enough to switch on or off the heating at programmed time, we expect the system to detect our presence and how far we are from our home and, of course, remote control through internet.

The most advanced elements are developed in United States and they follow a standard not always directly applicable in other countries. Anyway it is possible, thanks to a simple adaptation, to be used in any country allowing the use of any model and provider.

The first requirement is the power supply as it is needed 24 volts AC. Normally there is no transformer or capacitor and there is directly a rectifier. Then it is possible to use a DC power supply as well. In this case we will use the Honeywell RTH6580WF thermostat.

Termostato Honeywell RTH6580WF

This thermostat allow internet remote control through a wifi connection. Continue reading

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