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BitCoin – Getting started

After all published information about BitCoin and all articles explaining how it works the first questions coming to our mind are: Well and, how I get BitCoins? Where could I buy BitCoins? How could I manage them? In this post … Continue reading

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BitCoin, Bubble or Money of the Future

BitCoin creation in the year 2009 meant a “before” and “after” in the world of payment systems. We could define BitCoin as digital money or virtual money supported by a payment network at global level. BitCoin is not the first … Continue reading

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Google rescues RCS to compete WhatsApp

After Jibe Mobile company purchase (RCS leader) at the end of 2015 Google has taken advantage of last Mobile World Congress to announce they will include to Android operating system new¬†WhatsApp like functionalities but based on RCS and IMS. We … Continue reading

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Windows 10, the good evolution

After the failed try of Windows 8 to introduce metro interface to conventional equipments without touch screen, Microsoft have done their best to group in the same environment an interface applicable to mobile devices as well at pure Apple style. … Continue reading

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